2017-09-24 Fern pen and ink


Pen and Ink-23









Pen and Ink-21






Pen and Ink-22






Pen and Ink-8


Pen and Ink-7




Pen and Ink-5


Pen and Ink-4


Pen and Ink-3




Pen and Ink-1


Pen and Ink-15


Pen and Ink-14



Pen and Ink-12


Pen and Ink-11


2014-08-23 Pontotoc fotosketcher tone P8230357

2014-11-02 Weed Ozona

2015-04-08 Mary Jane Room IMG_0975_FotoSketcher

2017-09-27 Pete walking in hall_

2018-04-07 Palm Leaves

FotoSketcher - 2011-11-19 Ozona Lone Tree 05-2018 6506

HIghway supports



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